Train the Trainer

people in building brownTo become fully self-sustaining with internal coaches, you’ll want the capability to ongoingly train both your seasoned employees and your fast-track performers. With one or more certified Integral Coaches® in house, you can build the foundation for long-term excellence in your organization by offering different levels of coach training.

Coaching Course Leader Training

With Integral Coach® certification comes eligibility to train to lead Coaching to Excellence, the two-day curriculum on coaching basics. For five or more certified internal coaches, we provide train-the-trainer on site. Otherwise we offer this training publicly and include coaches from several organizations.

We enter into a licensing arrangement with you that allows you to set the parameters for the number of people you intend to train in your enterprise.

If you want to offer the Coaching Apprenticeship Program in-house, we will custom-design a training program and licensing agreement to meet your needs.