Team Development Coaching

tilted modern buildingTeams that coordinate action well exhibit a natural esprit de corps and are skillful at creating possibilities, managing commitments, and addressing breakdowns. In the midst of short deadlines, tight budgets, and huge deliverables, the members of such teams show up with the vitality needed to generate results.

Yet, in even the best-managed companies, teams are often riddled with bad moods, narrow approaches to problem-solving, poor communication, and/or poor follow-through. As a result, they end up wasting valuable resources, disappointing customers, and feeling frustrated. In addition, the effects often reach much further than the immediate team and its project, affecting the brand reputation and the broader organizational culture.

Team Development Coaching provides a solution.

Integral Leadership’s Team Development Coaching program is an integrated approach to working with groups around specific business objectives. We work with three parallel coaching tracks, simultaneously building competence in:

  • Team leaders,
  • Individual team members, and
  • Overall team processes

By integrating the needs of each individual as well as the group, this approach generates powerful and sustainable results. Specifically:

  • Team members resolve communication miscues, turf battles, and personality conflicts at their source and in a self-correcting way.
  • Team leaders anticipate and resolve breakdowns and build commitment for actions and changes.
  • The team as a whole works through systemic challenges at the individual, relational, and group levels.