What is Integral Coaching?

wooden spiralIntegral Coaching is an ongoing, evolving methodology intended to be the most comprehensive way to build someone’s competence to face their life situation by attending to the whole person. Anything omitted in the coaching process will slow or curtail the intended outcomes (long-term excellence, the capacity to self-correct, the competence to self-generate). A successful coaching relationship requires that the coach understands how the client is seeing and responding to the current world.

The work addresses four domains in a way unique to each client so that nothing essential is left out:  communication and relationship, self-knowledge and self-management, environment, and personal behavior. The basic premise of the work is that everyone’s behavior follows directly from their “structure of interpretation,” which includes their background, education, commitments, ambitions, learning style and more.

At Integral Leadership LLC, we draw on the methodology of Integral Coaching to cultivate leaders who are vibrantly alive, sensitively attuned, and deeply creative. When the whole person is worked with, authentic results emerge. And, when saturated with leadership of this kind, organizations and teams flourish, excellent results follow, and creativity blossoms.