Coaching Basics

blueprintsAll our work is tailored to fit the particular culture and goals of each organization. Our most frequently delivered in-house coach training program is formatted as a two-day class, but can be expanded to three days for more depth and/or broken into modules that are delivered over a couple of weeks.

Coaching to Excellence

In this two-day class, participants gain an introduction to the principles and methods of Integral Coaching and hands-on experience that is directly applicable to the workplace. Through structured exercises, demonstrations, and simulations, they explore what it takes to evoke long-term excellence in others.

Target Audiences

The program is perfect for managers and human resource professionals who are regularly called upon to solve problems that could be more effectively handled by developing others’ competence.  It is also a solid introduction to coaching basics for “high-potential” learners that the organization has identified to progress to Level 2 coaching capacity.

Outcomes the Class Will Produce

Developing excellence as a coach takes time, study and practice. Nonetheless, this class will allow you to:

  • Understand the key stages in any coaching relationship and the skills needed to guide clients through them
  • Recognize when someone is open to coaching and how to enroll them in a coaching relationship
  • Observe and listen to others in a profound way by paying attention to their unique language, emotional mood, and way of interpreting the world
  • Conduct basic coaching conversations on work topics
  • Assess your own competence as a coach and identify the next steps in your development