One-on-One Coaching

business conversationSmart and well-intentioned leaders can produce mediocre, even disastrous, results. One big blind spot—about the markets, one’s team, or one’s interpersonal skills—is all it takes. Conversely, leaders who make a practice of building competencies—especially around their blind spots—can generate powerful business results even in the face of formidable challenges. For them, excellence becomes a habit that they renew each day through clarity of focus and continuous self-correction.

Integral Leadership is dedicated to evoking such excellence in organizations. We bring two decades of experience coaching executives and managers and a methodology that is practical, highly customized, and unique in the field.

We match each leader with one of our seasoned coaches. They work together for 6-12 months to develop a focused set of competencies critical to the leader’s success. At the heart of this coaching is a program of practices and exercises custom-designed for the leader, their goals, and the setting in which they work. Each individual program is a dynamic process that focuses on:

  • Both the immediate and the long term
  • Both self-management and leadership of others
  • Both specific goals and a core set of competencies necessary for success and fulfillment

The end result is an expanded capacity to take effective action and the ability to self-correct and continuously improve.