What sets Integral Leadership Apart?

funky steel buildingAt Integral Leadership, we believe that leadership doesn’t follow from having a role in an organization or a certain personality type, but rather is cultivated through self-development. To lead, to bring about something bigger than ourselves, we must build our capacity to respond fully to our situation moment by moment with everything that we are. Each of us is capable of this, and each of our lives invites us to do this.

Rather than have a long list of competencies, we focus on the kind of person a leader is: someone vibrantly alive, sensitively attuned, and deeply creative; someone who keeps looking ahead to see the future that is coming; who builds the capacity of people and the organization; and who brings resilience and respect to every situation. We achieve this excellence in every person we work with through Integral Coaching, partnered with our unique and innovative understanding of what leadership is.