Janeena Sims

Janeena Sims is a founding member of Park Sims Associates, a learning and development consultancy based in southeast England. She has been practicing as a coach, consultant and facilitator for 20 years, specializing in both business and personal coaching. Her clients come from public and private companies across sectors including telecoms, finance, retail and not-for-profit. Most recently she’s been bringing integral development programs to Speedo, the NHS, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and a number of housing associations across the UK.

Janeena was certified as an Integral Coach® at New Ventures West’s first London Professional Coaching Course in 2011. Since then her work has increasingly focused on encouraging people to uncover their deep commitment and on supporting them to skillfully bring that commitment to their work, families and communities.

One of her great interests and delights is designing programs that bring diverse (sometimes disruptive!) experiences to the world of corporate learning. You will often find her facilitating alongside dancers, qi gong practitioners, artists, actors, voice coaches, drama therapists, musicians and mindfulness practitioners.

Janeena studied Literature and Theatre Arts at Bristol University. She spent several years in her twenties acting and directing across the UK on productions ranging from modern comedy to Shakespeare. Whilst running drama workshops for adults, she discovered the world of development – and her love of it. She was lucky enough to begin her learning in this new field with The Industrial Society who, as champions of high quality and quirky approaches to learning, took a risk and gave her a job. Her remit was to bring her theatre work to business. She’s still doing that today.

Janeena lives in a village in the east of England containing one church, a river and two pubs. Sharing her life there are Stefan her husband; her three children: Kate, William and Nellie; and Willow the dog. Preoccupations include travelling, walking, reading, eating Stefan’s delicious food and trying not to bore friends with tales of her children’s wonderfulness.