Kristin Cobble

Kristin Cobble is a co-founder and president of Groupaya, a San Francisco-based network consultancy that helps leaders, teams, organizations and networks work together more skillfully to create their future. She has 20+ years experience helping leaders learn how to create environments that tap into the knowledge, skills, talents, and passions of their people so that everyone is smarter together than they could be alone.

Kristin’s organizational development career began as a consultant at Innovation Associates, co-founded by Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization. This work is foundational to her worldview.

Prior to founding Groupaya, she spent four years at Monitor and Global Business Network. She also spent two years as the Director of Strategic Change for Banana Republic. Prior to that, she had her own coaching and consulting firm for seven years.

Kristin is a Wellesley graduate, studied at the London School of Economics, and is a certified Integral Coach. She has authored articles on organizational learning, systems thinking, conflict and coaching and has presented at many conferences. She is also an emeritus board member of Global Footprint Network, an international environmental NGO.

Kristin lives in San Francisco. She is the mother of a 12-year old boy. She is also a student of the Diamond Approach and a member of a women’s circle that has been meeting for 17 years. She adores her Midwestern family and is a huge Kansas Jayhawks basketball fan. She loves throwing intimate dinner parties, dancing with friends, and playing tag with her son.