Charles Brassard

Charles Brassard is the President of Impact Coaching Inc. based in Ottawa, Canada. Charles brings to his consulting and coaching practice eighteen years of management and executive experience in the private and public sectors. He has been a certified Integral Coach® and a consultant in the area of executive and leadership development for over ten years, working with business clients around the world in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial, telecommunication, consumer goods and resource sectors as well as with a broad range Canadian government departments and agencies.

Charles supports individuals, teams and organisations in building the capabilities they need to meet the demands of leadership in times of opportunity, challenge and turbulence. As a coach, he helps people embody new ways of being so that they can respond to life in more competent, creative and meaningful ways. He also works at all levels within organisations to develop and apply coaching skills as an integrated part of management and leadership competence.

As a consultant in the area of executive and leadership development, Charles designs and delivers quality education programs tailored to the strategic and performance needs of teams and organisations. He applies innovative learning methods to support the development of managers and executives around the world, namely by marrying the principles and practices of action learning and integral coaching.
Charles holds a Master’s degree in Economic Geography from the University of Ottawa and has received extensive professional education in the field of adult learning, human development and coaching. He has published a number of articles and book contributions on learning, executive development and coaching.

Charles is a certified Integral Coach® through New Ventures West and a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. Charles serves as a faculty member for the Professional Coaching Certification program at New Ventures West. He is fluent in both English and French and co-leads the NVW French offering of the Professional Coaching Certification program in Canada.

Charles shares his life in the Ottawa area with his wife Fiona. His two wonderful daughters live in Montreal where they attend university. His home in Lac Lauvignon (Quebec) provides a constant source of inspiration for work and play and the connection to nature, family and friends he finds so nourishing.